Evergreen is rooted in Christ. 

Faith is modeled in every aspect of camp. All staff members are strong Christian mentors both at camp and beyond the gates of Evergreen. Counselors lead prayers and devotions and campers participate in daily worship including kid-friendly biblical teaching and skits. The Gospel message is presented at the end of every session. Evergreen is intentional in planting seeds and encouraging kids to explore their faith.


Family founded & family operated. 

Evergreen is still operated by members of its founding family. Director Katie and her husband, Pastor Toby Grady, have served for nearly 20 years. Like its namesake tree, Camp Evergreen remains strongly rooted in its original purpose and mission.


It is a gift to be simple & free.

Evergreen is wilderness centered and believes nature can speak on its own without all the extras. Programming intentionally leaves out the bells and whistles and focuses on super creative and fun approaches to all activities. 


Smaller numbers foster deeper relationships.

This truly is a place where “everybody knows your name.” There are no more than 80 overnight campers at a time and Evergreen has at least 2 staff members for every 8 campers.


Camp is not about winning or losing. 

Kids compete at school, church, sports and even with their family members. Camp is an opportunity to turn the focus from winning or losing to building self-confidence and fostering strong relationships with each other and God.


When the time is right, you will know!

Today’s fast-paced culture feeds hyper-scheduled kids. Evergreen subscribes to a philosophy of adventure that encourages campers to sit back and enjoy the ride. Evergreen’s unique and creative programming includes events like Half Christmas, Survivor Day, Super Hero Day, Ridic-Olympics, and The Amazing Grace.


Summer Camp is for EVERYONE.

Evergreen offers the exact same camp experience to all of its campers regardless of their background or economic situation.